Family board game to gather together

Do you want to give something entertaining your apple on your eyes by giving impressive games? Your children will be happy to accept you cool present like monopoly or scrabble. You can give some educational games to stimulate your children become smart and can try to solve some problems. Do not worry to choose many educational games, most of Family board game can be educative and entertaining. It will be better if you choose your rose game and play it together to make them happier.

You should know that there are some game stores provide that kind of games. It can give your children real world prizes by an impressive game that you can play anytime in anywhere. It can be so much more than just an ordinary game. You should know that your kids must like race game, moreover real race game which is available on board game. It can be out for amazing family fun which can be enjoyed by your all lovely family.

It will be believed that you must not want to make your children sad because you cannot give them something good. So, you can stimulate your children skill and increase it by giving educational and real game. It must be useful for you and your children because it has more joyful choices to be played. What are you waiting for to make your children active and pleasure? Let us gather together to play game and make our apple on our eyes glad.

Play Game in Online Game Cyber Café

You like playing games recently. Still, you feel bored because you are playing games at home. Thus, you might be looking for cozy and comfort place to play game. You can try the online game cyber café. This café provides you the facilities for playing online games. This place is usually featured with specific gaming computer, so that you will be very comfort while you run the games.

Moreover, you may find many benefits if you play the games in this kind of café. You can spread your relations to people because you can meet other gamers there. You can gain a lot of experience and stories from them. You can also practice your game skills and techniques by challenging other gamers. You may know that usually online games require your techniques and strategies to win the games.

Furthermore, you may be wondering how much cost you will spend if you are playing the game in such café. The fact is that you will not spend much money in the online game cyber café than you play the games by your own connection. Why it is so, it is because sometimes the online game cyber café has a privilege from the communication provider to get the particular package. Thus, you may think playing the games in this café.

Game Chicken Invaders 2 Slide to Android

chicken invaders

Chicken Invaders 2, serial shooter game that takes place in the background of outer space has come to Android tablet devices and smartphones. Studio developers InterAction announced the availability of “Next Wave” of the title game Chicken Invaders.

Reported Mcvuk, Monday (08/27/2012), the second episode Chicken Invaders comes to the Android platform. The announcement of the availability of the game is built on the success of the previous release of the game series.

Wii U Specs Shock Game Developer

wii u

Specifications console Wii U is said to have surprised many game development studios, especially Sonic game developer, Steve Lycett. He said the advantage of the specification console made ​​by Nintendo that when developing the game Sonic And All-Stars Racing for the Wii U.

Reported Computerandvideogames, Monday (27/08/2012), Steve Lycett talking about game developers onm And Sonic All-Stars Racing. Lycett said that the Wii U specs are always surprising and unexpected challenges.

Happy Wars Will Plays For Free on Xbox

happy wars

Microsoft announced the title game Happy Wars to be released some time in the future with a system of free-to-play (F2P) on the Xbox 360 console. With F2P system, gamers who are members of Xbox Live Gold to play the game for free.

Reported Develop-Online, Monday (27/08/2012), with the base game F2P system, then Happy Wars will be the first game to appear on Xbox Live platform and can be played for free by Xbox Live Gold subscribers. However, to obtain various items in order to change the appearance of the characters, gamers can make purchases and pay a sum of money.

12 Pictures Leaked GTA V Try to Remove “Thirst” of the Fans

gta v leaked

12 images leaked on the game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) appear on the site Rockstargames. Through a number of screenshots of the fans can see the picture of the gameplay in GTA V.

Through observation, on Thursday site contains only eight screenshots. But when we visited the site on Sunday (26/08/2012), at least the Rockstargame has posted four additional screenshots.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Version Sold 3.6 Million Copy


The gameplay is challenging gamers to explore creativity and 3D constructions, Minecraft, has sold for 3.6 million copies for the Xbox 360 version. Game development studios, fathers, expressed his achievement which continues to increase significantly.

Reported Videogamer, Tuesday (08/28/2012), through the post’s Twitter, Daniel Kaplan of fathers wrote his surprise that a record 3.6 million gamers have bought Minecraft for Xbox games. Last month, the number of gamers who purchase the game is counted as many as 3 million units on the Xbox Live Arcade.

Codemaster Launches Grid 2 Next Year


Title racing game, Grid 1, which slid in 2008 and is rumored to be releasing a sequel for the Grid 2. Codemaster, as developers race simulation game race is scheduled to go down next year.

Through the Grid, Codemaster try to provide a better game experience. This was despite efforts on the development of the Grid 1 game, Dirt 3.

“When we talked about what was done, quite obviously we need time to develop our technology,” said executive producer Clive Moody Grid 2. Thus quoted from Softpedia, Sunday (08/19/2012).

“There are a number of racing titles were pretty good before the Grid, but I do not think any of them really capture the key point of the game is the racing action on the track and all the drama around it,” said Moody.

Previous team of developers have shown video footage and some pictures of the experience of racing titles Grid 2. Codemaster game plans to launch next year, but unfortunately there is no definite date on debut Grid 2.

September, F1 2012 Racing Game Launched

fi 2012

Happy news for the gamers who love the game of Formula 1 racing genre, the game publisher Codemasters has announced that F1 2012 will land on multiple consoles from September 2012.

Reported Brashgames, Monday (08/20/2012), Codemasters announced the latest edition will feature the annual racing franchise, Formula 1, which is scheduled to attend in September this year. The game will be released in the UK exactly on 21 September 2012 and 18 September 2012 in the United States.

Reportedly, F1 2012 will be released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and personal computer (PC). Not only preaching the stairs releases, game publisher also launched a Young Driver Test Video Developer Diary featuring information about new features in the game F1 2012.

F1 2012 game carrying the single player mode and multiplayer. Powered by the EGO Engine 2.0 game engine, this game has a feature that features 12 teams and 24 drivers who competed in the 2012 season.

There are 20 circuits, including the brand new, Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. In addition, the game also presents Young Driver Test mode, the tutorial mode designed for new players to master the handling characteristics of a formula one car.

FIFA 13 versus PES 2013, Which is Better?

fifa 13

FIFA 13 and PES 2012 will graze the coming months. Many people believe, if Pro Evolution Soccer will be the best game titles. But that’s pure just an opinion, We try viewing some excellent features that will be presented two game titles.

Beginning of the game made by Electronic Arts (EA) Sports, FIFA 13. The developers renewal presents six features, namely, first, the company is headquartered in Redwood City that makes First Touch Control feature. Through this feature, players will experience difficulties when trying to enter the ball. However, relying on strength, speed, skill and stature players, gamers will be able to control it with ease.

The second feature is, Offensive AI. This feature is set to receive improved intelligent movement on a striker offside line and allows selecting a good route while dribbling. So the players can be detached from the offside trap trying to apply the opposing team.

Third, Tactical freekicks with this feature, allowing gamers to do the trick shot that was followed by qualifying players in the posse. Not only that, the other three players can gather around the ball and gave disturbances in defense and goalkeeper.

Fourth of FIFA 13, EA made the defensive features of options when facing a free kick opponents improved. With these features, when the game allows the player more directed to the wall or out to block the ball.

Dribble complete a fifth repair will also be provided. However, for details of these features are very limited. With improvements through these features, you can not change direction and begin to dribble like FIFA 12.

Not only the fifth such improvements, EA also increased because players likeness Dimensional Imaging uses the latest software. A new goalkeeper shouting as well as animation and behavior of referees will be added.

After reviewing FIFA 13, then how breakthrough that made Konami for PES 13? Unfortunately, the developers did not divulge too many newest features.
Through a video trailer that was launched some time ago, Konami revealed gameplay features in Pro Evolution Soccer (PES 2013). In the video, Konami will be showing some of the reforms embedded in the game.

PES 2013 increased three pillars such, PES FullControl, Player ID, and ProActive AI. Through these reforms, PES 2013 is claimed to be the genre of sports games with great realism graphics compared to similar games made by other developers.

By adding dynamic features are pinned on the first touch during manual shooting and passing mode, so players have to spend extra capabilities.

Then Konami has also promised to PES 2013 will enhance the ability of the individual so that the players can distinguish the characteristic game of their favorite players.

Konami has revealed that PES 2013 will glide on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Not only that, Konami will launch the PSP format.

Now, you decide to stay PES 2013 or FIFA 13 that deserve to be the best game and would you choose to be your favorite game.

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